Flu & Cold Season is Here!

Many patients are getting sick with chills, 100 degree and higher temperatures, malaise, and fatigue. We can help! We give you preventive oral nutraceuticals that aid in cold and flu prevention. Our doctors perform lab testing and develop targeted treatment plans with successful patient outcomes that include immune, oxidative, ultraviolet, and cellular therapies. The flu shot only targets a certain virus and may not target the infection you have. With our infection therapies, Virginia Integrative Practice is able to address these infections and provide the relief you need. Antibiotics, if used properly, can be life saving. However, the flu is a virus and antibiotics can not treat viruses; They are for bacterial infections. Long time antibiotic use can cause the bacteria to mutate and the antibiotic is no longer effective. Our doctors treat infections with immune therapies that turn your immune system on to target the infection. Other therapies enhance the environmental terrain in your body where the pathogen can not thrive or live. Call or email us today for a free 15 minute initial consultation at 888-299-4570 or doctor@vaipdrs.com.