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Millions of Americans have diabetes or prediabetes, which can cause devastating health problems when left untreated. At Virginia Integrative Practice in Charlottesville and Falls Church, Virginia, Ina Grundmann, MD, and her team diagnose diabetes and offer highly personalized treatments combining the best of conventional medicine and integrative therapies. Call Virginia Integrative Practice or schedule a consultation online today for innovative diabetes management.

Diabetes Q & A

What is diabetes?

Diabetes is a group of conditions that affect how your body produces and uses insulin — the hormone that helps convert blood sugar into energy. There are several types of diabetes, but the two most common are Type 1 and Type 2. 

Type 1 diabetes usually emerges during childhood and occurs because your pancreas doesn’t produce insulin. Medical researchers believe that Type 1 diabetes is due to an autoimmune malfunction that damages the insulin-producing cells in your pancreas.

Type 2 diabetes is also called insulin resistance and occurs when your body doesn’t use insulin correctly. Type 2 diabetes usually develops in adulthood, although it’s becoming more common in younger patients. Type 2 diabetes, and its precursor prediabetes, are often due to unhealthy lifestyle choices regarding your diet and exercise habits, obesity, and family medical history.

When unmanaged, diabetes causes elevated blood sugar levels, which can damage your blood vessels and nerves. Diabetes is a leading cause of neuropathy, foot ulcers, amputation, and vision loss. 

What are the warning signs of diabetes?

When you have diabetes, your body tries to correct your blood sugar levels in other ways. As a result, you might urinate frequently. This contributes to dehydration, so you end up feeling thirstier. 

Additionally, your body doesn’t get enough energy from blood sugar conversion, so it starts to break down your muscles and other tissues for energy, which leads to increased hunger and fatigue. 

As time goes by and diabetes damages your blood vessels and nerves, you might develop symptoms like:

  • Blurry vision
  • Numbness in your hands and feet
  • Sore or ulcers that don’t heal

Type 1 diabetes symptoms usually emerge fairly rapidly, while Type 2 diabetes symptoms develop gradually. 

How is diabetes treated?

The team at Virginia Integrative Practice takes a holistic approach to manage diabetes. They focus on improving your nutrition, lifestyle, and overall health with customized lifestyle advice and innovative therapies, including:

  • Metabolic therapy
  • Peptide therapy
  • Chelation therapy
  • Regenerative medicine
  • Stem cell therapy

In some cases, like if you have Type 1 diabetes or severe Type 2 diabetes, your provider can prescribe insulin and manage your use of medications like Metaglip™, metformin, and lisinopril. 

Your provider aims to regulate your glucose levels and address diabetes-related health issues like metabolic syndrome, kidney disease, and cardiovascular health problems to help you lead a healthy and active life. 

If you’re concerned about diabetes and looking for expert and integrative care to control your condition and enhance your health, call Virginia Integrative Practice or make an appointment online today. Serving Charlottsville, Falls Church, and Fairfax, VA.